STEM Learning Initiatives

Curriculum Designer (RA) creating Hofstra University IT Course 076 Electronic Commerce. (LINK, text)
   An introduction to e-commerce from both technical and business perspectives.
   Topics include understanding how the Internet enables new opportunities using disruptive business models,
   analytics and the latest technologies, including selection of software, mobile, social and cloud computing platforms;
   and an overview of why ecommerce analytics is important.
   Principles of digital user experience, cyber-security, online payment methods, and global e-commerce are considered.
   Digital marketplaces, omni-channel and subscription strategies; supply chain collaboration; legal and ethical factors,
   and preparing comprehensive e-commerce business and technology research will be considered.

   Circuits; explores series/parallel circuits, anode/cathode and make your own nightlight.
   Coding; begin learning programming with Blockly and Javascript to solve puzzles.
   Enviro Battery; power LED diodes without batteries using electrochemical reactions.
   Game Design; develops foundations, goals and 2D/3D environment to engage players. (LINK, image)
   Robotics; construct solar powered dogs, fan, boats and more or a salt-water powered car. (LINK, video)

   Touch Screen A/V Console - projector display, USB/HID, InfraRed input via BlueTooth controller.
   Digital Graffiti Wall - 60" interactive display, IR spray can, open source paint software. (LINK, video)
   Kiosk - interactive searching using predefined variables, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) Overlay
   VR360 - VR experience for search and rescue training vs tabletop for first responders USAFA.
   AuR@L - Augmented Reality at Libraries - inter-county art collaborative proposed exhibit. (LINK, video)
   Virtual 'Hologram' - scaled down (6" mini) version of vocaloids using visual illusion effects. (LINK, video) *credit given to Bryan D. for amazing video work
     Examples: Mattel releasing Barbie hologram (shipping 2018), 2012 Coachella Tupac, and for those who remember 'Hologram Time Traveler' video game (1991!)

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Even though you'll see me in one of the videos (digital graffiti wall)...videos were used for sales and marketing purposes.