Publications, Presentations, Projects

PUBLICATIONS (Book, Exploit, etc.)
Book - Practical Exercises in Information Technology Mgt - ISBN 978-1-387-33803-0
Exploit - CVE-2015-7664 (biometric payroll) Zero Day Exploit Published - US-CERT.GOV (LINK, website)
   Biometric device allows root access via various ports and access to data to be transmitted.
Technical Writing - for auditing, procedures and policies:
   Business Continuity Policy, Disaster Recovery Plan Policy, Security Response Plan, Remote Access Policy,
   Router & Switch Security Policy, Software Installation Policy, Technology Equipment Disposal Policy, Email Policy
   Clean Desk Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Digital Signature Acceptance Policy and Wireless Communication Policy.
Written Best Practices - ITIL best practices implemented across multiple departments and disciplines.
   Developed daily backup, weekly patch management and quarterly change management processes.
   Developed Communications Equipment Policy, Employee Internet Use Monitoring and Filtering Policy.

Presentation - HFTP national invite; Cyber Security - Your Security Through the Eyes of a Hacker
Presentation - in development; Cyber Security - The (***) Path to Cyber Security
Presentation - Continuing Education presenter for Suffolk Cooperative Library System of NYS
Presentation - Security Awareness Training designed and presented to executives and managers

AWARDS (I know awards doesn't start with P...)
Award - Microsoft Corporation, Activating the Internet (ActiveX) Contest Finalist/Winner
Award - General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Ed. Achievement USAFA CAP
Award/Grant - Mary Alice Haines Award
Award/Grant - Morris and Ann Friedman Memorial Award
Award/Grant - * Club Award
Award/Grant - * Leadership Award
Award/Grant - ** Award
Award/Grant - **** Association Award (NY)
Benefactor - **** College Grant Benefactor (NY)
Recognition from various organizations:
   Sunrise Day Camp (NY)    ** Chamber of Commerce (NY)
   Nassau County Executive (NY)
   Nassau County Legislature (NY)
   New York State Senate (NY)
   New York State Assembly (NY)

Sponsor - Nassau South Shore Chapter Coalition to Salute American Heroes NSSC LIBOR

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