Chris Doyle

Technology is too short to specialize!
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About My Education and Experience

Currently pursuing PhD (post-grad) education in PhD in Complex Systems Science and Engineering (and CompSci).
     (BBA in Business Computer Information Systems, MS in Information Technology Management)
Currently working as an IT Director handling cyber security, compliance and network administration.
     My work will be shown through curriculum, exhibits (lab), exploits (CVE), publications (book) and more...


Vendor Specific: Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare
     Cisco (Adv. Routing and Switching), Microsoft (Networking), VMWare (vSphere)
Cyber Security: CISSO, CVA, CPTE
     Cert. Informations Systems Security Officer, Cert. Vulnerability Assessor, Cert.Penetration Testing Engineer
Digital Forensics: ACE, CMO
     AccessData Certified Examiner (Syntricate), Cert. Mobilyze Operator (BlackBag Technologies)
Frameworks (Compliance): PCI/DSS, COBIT, ITIL, HIPAA, NIST, Six Sigma (CEU/CPE)


For one, I had the domain since 1995! Also, 'DJ' are my middle initials.
Plus, I was a professional entertainer (DJ/MC) through high school and college.
It was an amazing experience, very exciting and provided me with invaluable social and sales skills.

Curriculum Design/Delivery

Curriculum Designer (RA) creating Hofstra University IT Course 076 Electronic Commerce
     Disruptive business models, analytics; mobile, social and cloud computing platforms. User experience,
     digital marketplaces, omni-channel and subscription strategies with supply chain collaboration.

Curriculum Design/Delivered: STEM/CS; Circuits, Coding, Enviro Battery, Game Design and Robotics.
     Circuits; explores series/parallel circuits, anode/cathode and make your own nightlight.
     Coding; begin learning programming with Blockly and Javascript to solve puzzles.
     Enviro Battery; power LED diodes without batteries using electrochemical reactions.
     Game Design; develops foundations, goals and 2D/3D environment to engage players.
     Robotics; construct solar powered dogs, fan, boats and more or a salt-water powered car.

DynaPlex Lab (images coming soon!)

Exhibits: Touch Screen A/V Console, BT/IR Wall, VR360, AuR@L, Virtual 'Hologram'
     Touch Screen A/V Console - projector display, USB/HID, InfraRed input via BlueTooth controller.
     Digital Graffiti Wall - 60" interactive display, IR spray can, open source paint software.
     Kiosk - interactive searching using predefined variables, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) Overlay.
     VR360 - VR experience for search and rescue training vs tabletop for first responders USAFA.
     AuR@L - Augmented Reality at Libraries - inter-county art collaborative proposed exhibit.
     Virtual 'Hologram' - scaled down version of vocaloids using visual illusion effects.


USAFA-CAP United States Air Force Aux. - Civil Air Patrol Squadron NY-207
     2018 - VR/UAV (Drone) pilot training initiative for SAR/TRAEX Collaborator
     2017 - Operational (OPSEC) and Information Security (INFOSEC) IT Officer
     2016 - Air Force Assoc. CyberPatriot: Cyber Defense Competition Team Mentor
     Award General Charles E. 'Chuck' Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement

FIRST (LI) For Inspiration & Recognition of Science and Technology Robotics
     2018 - HydroDynamics - STEM Competition, Robot Design Judge

InfraGard FBI partnership sharing info/analysis of US critical infrastructure National Member
     2018 Information Technology - New York ***
     Cyber Security - ****

K of C Knights of Columbus Council #3481 (3rd Family Generation) 4th Degree
Space reserved for awards received and grants.


Book; Practical Exercises in Information Technology Mgt - ISBN 978-1-387-33803-0
Exploit CVE-2015-7664 (biometric payroll) Zero Day Exploit Published - US-CERT.GOV
     Biometric device allows root access via various ports and access to data to be transmitted.

Presentation; HFTP national invite; Cyber Security - Your Security Through the Eyes of a Hacker
Presentation (in development); Cyber Security - The *** Path to Cyber Security
     * masked due to potential intellectual property concerns until finalized.
Presentation; Continuing Education presenter for Suffolk Cooperative Library System of NYS
Presentation; Security Awareness Training designed and presented to executives and managers

Technical Writing; define scope, detail level; document compliance transparency
Web Design; Microsoft Corporation, Activating the Internet (ActiveX) Contest (Finalist/Winner)


For now, please visit the following (opens new windows) for interesting research topics:
Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems
New England Complex Systems Institute
Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research
     There's a faculty member there that has his PhD (Complexity) from Binghamton AND is a DJ! Small world...
Santa Fe Institute
Complexity Explorer


Compliance, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments
     configuring/interpreting Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems

Network Design (incl. pre-construction), VPN, VLAN, WiFi Gateways and Access Points
     Microsoft Server 20xx (AD, GP, Hyper-V), Exchange, IIS, SQL
     Firewalls (Next-Gen, Unified Threat Management, Unified Security Management)
Project Management, VoIP (digital phone), COTS/AV Equipment
Ubuntu, Linux, Metasploit and others I left off, contact me for further details.


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